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Yet the man who is transformed by Zen, and who has passed through the “fire of truth,” leads far too convincing a life for it to be overlooked. So it is not asking too much if, driven by a feeling of spiritual affinity, and desirous of finding a way to the nameless power which can work such miracles – for the merely curious have no right to demand anything – we expect the Zen adept at least to describe the way that leads to the goal.

-Zen in the Art of Archery.

So, that pretty much sums it up! To me, Emacs transforms the world of text editing into an area for art and introspection. Never one to leave unexamined space in my head, I accepted the challenge and began using Emacs the day we met. Always looking to increase my mastery of this powerful editing tool, I have found a mix of focus, forethought, long phalanges and a penchant for scripting can provide enough learning material to last a conceivable human lifetime. Here are my notes as I explore this content- as I find my path to the goal.


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