About me

I am Eric S Crosson, hackername esc. I am proud to be a member of the Free Software Foundation.

[FSF Associate Member]

I am an American citizen who is rightfully concerned with the state of our union, world, and current habits of how we as humans are treating each other and our environment. Also, as you can see, I greatly enjoy using GNU Emacs to accomplish my computing needs.

[You won't find me on Facebook]

Want to contact me securely? Here is my PGP Public Key*:

You can use my public key to encrypt messages to me. I would need your public key to encrypt messages to you. You would use your private key, on the other hand, to decrypt messages that I sent to you. Your private key would be safe on your hard drive if encrypted with a pass-phrase protection. Therefore, I type in my pass phrase every time I want to decrypt or sign something. I believe my private key is considered fairly secure that way when I pick a safe password.

* This key is set to expire every 12 months.


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