Ignoring Windows with (other-window)

I feel Emacs does a great job implementing features in a keyboard-oriented environment. One of the harder ‘new-agey’ features to implement in the modern multi-window system is window navigation. Even with prefixes, other-window only goes so far. Windmove does a nice job picking up the slack, but sometimes I’m still wishing for more.

For example, when I’m using GDB, I like to have the *input/output* buffer open, as a reference. Usually I don’t interact with my programs by feeding them text input, so when I’m doing the window dance I just want to skip over this buffer. Emacs natively provides a way to do this, but it took me a little while to figure out how.

Cycling around the frame with C-x o will ignore any windows where you have run this defun. Now we can enjoy this feature without a second thought!

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